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BD Ferm synbiotics Yeast Technology


BD Biotics fermentation technology is a patented technology that uses leban, silk peptides, chicken breasts, etc. as a host to help digestion and nutrient absorption by enzymatic digestion of animal and vegetable proteins into amino acids and fat into fatty acids, and standardizes it to a light taste.

BD Biotics fermentation technology uses levan and silk peptide as a host to decompose enzymes in the body through changes in physical properties (protein to amino acids) without affecting the external environment (high temperature, low temperature, strong alkali, strong acid) in reality rather than in a laboratory It is a technique that achieves a mechanism from outside the body to nature.

Principles of BDFerm Synbiotics

For centuries, humans have only responded to living organisms, bacteria, with antibiotics. However, because virus is not living organisms (proteins and fats), it is best to inactivate it through enzymatic digestion (rotation). BD Ferm New Biotics Bio Spray is a yeast food and is a mechanism that breaks down viruses through enzymes produced by yeast along with microorganisms that survive in human skin.

The virus is inanimate. Viruses are activated by encountering a host in a living cell. Therefore, in order to prevent a virus, it is necessary to break the trait by enzymatic digestion before the virus meets the host and make it not activated.

When BD Ferm Biospray is sprayed on our body, the protein of the virus is enzymatically broken down into amino acids and fat into fatty acids. In addition, since BD Perm New Biotics Biospray is a dominant yeast food, useful microorganisms survive and act for 16 hours.